Bamfield has been the home of adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts since its origins in the 1800's. As it is situated on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, the number of activities our guests have access to is only limited by their imagination. Let us know what activities you plan on doing and we can help organize the trip of a lifetime. Below is a collection of some of our favourite activities and usually the most popular among our guests. 


We’re a fisherman’s dream destination. Find out what it feels like to wrestle in a big, mighty salmon or haul up a delicious eating Halibut. Charter a boat and guide with us or bring your own and test your skills. If you catch a big one add it to our largest fish board for a shot at a prize!  


In our peaceful little community, the best activities are often the simplest. Take your time and walk down to Brady's Beach to enjoy the sunset or spend the afternoon down at the dock enjoying a glass of wine with a book in hand. Many of our guests have chosen our lodge as a weekend getaway to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Forget your emails for a moment and simply enjoy the peaceful morning walks down the pristine beaches and forest trails around McKay Bay Lodge. (The lodge offers Wi-Fi access for those who must stay in touch.) Relax with a cold beverage or a hot cup of tea while the sun goes down and tucks away for the day. The vibrant sunsets explode with colour and eventually gives way to a stunning star filled sky. Stay up late and count the falling stars as you relax in the hot tub and dream of the day to come. Maybe you'll finish reading your book, or perhaps with the inspiration of the beautiful west coast, finish writing that book. The possibilities are endless.


Minutes away from a number of hiking trails in Bamfield. Hikers can relax in our hot tub after hiking the West Coast Trail or many of the trials through lush old growth forests. Enjoy all that the Pacific Rim National Park has to offer while you use our comfortable lodge as your base camp. We offer FREE pick-up to our guest doing the West Coast Trail so the only hiking you have to do is on the trail. Pristine beaches are just a 15 minute walk from the lodge. Yours to discover.


Footsteps away from the waters of the Bamfield Inlet, our guests have direct access to the beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean. With plenty of sea creatures and beautiful landscapes to discover, every kayaking adventure is unique.

 Marine Safari

To truly see the wonders of Bamfield and the coastal waters of the West Coast, a marine safari with one of our seasoned guides is a must. We may view sea lions, seals and orcas as they follow the feeding runs of salmon; as well as the majestic Grey and Humpback whales feeding on the krill in the rich waters just off our shores. They can be viewed breaching and nursing their young not far from the boat. Keep your eyes peeled for some whales and don't forget your camera!