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The ALL-IN Fishing Derby

Derby Fishing July 5-8, 2018

McKay Bay Lodge is proud to host the 1st annual All-In Fishing Derby.

The first of its kind at the McKay Bay Lodge in Bamfield, BC, the All-In derby is an inclusive derby with cash prizes for the largest Chinook, Coho, Sockeye, and Halibut. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd largest fish of each of the four species. A portion of ticket sales ($2500 pending full participation) will be donated to the Pacific Salmon Foundation. 

Ticket Information

50 Derby Tickets Available
- $750 Per Entrant - Includes 3 Nights Lodging at McKay Bay Lodge (Thursday - Sunday), All Meals, Moorage, and Entrance into Derby and All Derby Events

General Derby Tickets - $250 Per Entrant - Entrance into Derby and All Derby Events

Prize Breakdown

Prizes are awarded after three days of derby fishing for the 3 largest fish (within legal limit) of each species: Chinook, Sockeye, Coho, and Halibut. Prizes will be awarded on Sunday, at noon. Prizes are as follows:
1st Place - 4 x $1,500
2nd Place - 4 x $700
3rd Place - 4 x $300

Schedule of Events 

                                      THURSDAY | JULY 5 | 1ST DAY OF DERBY FISHING                                                                                           11AM-Dusk - Weigh in Station Open                                                                                                            All Day - Lodge Guest Check-In                                                    
11AM-Dusk - Weigh in Station Open

11AM-Dusk - Weigh in Station Open
6PM - Pig Roast at Waterfront Deck

9AM-12PM - Weigh in Station Open
12PM - BBQ Lunch & Award Ceremony at Lodge

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  1. The Derby will be hosted and occur at the McKay Bay Lodge in Bamfield BC. Participants of the Derby are not required to stay at the lodge to participate. 
  2. The Derby will take place from July 5 to 8, 2018. Days of Derby fishing will occur July 5 - 8, 2018. 
  3. Each participant in the Derby must purchase a Derby Ticket prior to entering the contest. Tickets cost $250 for a entrant only ticket, or $750 for an All-IN Derby ticket. 
  4. All-In Derby tickets include 3 nights accomodation (Thursday, Friday, Saturday Nights at the McKay Bay Lodge), moorage, continental breakfast, bagged lunches, access to all Derby events. 
  5. Standard tickets gain entrance into the Derby contest as well as Derby events. 
  6. Derby events include Saturday Evening Pig Roast and Sunday Lunch BBQ and are open to all Derby participants. 
  7. Weekend winners will be announced at McKay Bay Lodge during the award ceremony at the BBQ lunch on Sunday.
  8. Guests not participating in the derby can stay at the lodge for the weekend for $500 each, children under 14 years-old discounted upon booking. 
  9. Derby prizes are awarded the largest Chinook, Sockeye, Coho, and Halibut on Sunday, at noon. Prizes are as follows:  · 4x 1st Place - $1,500 · 4x 2nd Place - $700 · 4x 3rd Place - $300
  10. Fish must be weighed in at the McKay Bay Lodge docks before the daily weigh in time. Times are as follows: Thursday: Dusk, Friday: Dusk, Saturday: Dusk, Sunday: 11:30am
  11. In the case of an exact tie, the prize money will be split evenly. For example: If the two fish are tied for second place, the prize money for both second and third place will be split evenly between the two. 
  12. In the unlikely event that no fish of a certain category are registered during the Derby weekend, prize money for that category will be distributed amongst the other weekend prizes.
  13. An angler may register as many fish as are allowed within the legal limits set forth by The Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada per each derby day.
  14. Fish will not count as registered if brought to the lodge by a boat other than the one it was retained in. An exception will only be made in the case of a boat switch due to mechanical or structural failure.
  15. A fish is considered registered once it has been weighed, recorded and deemed eligible by a Derby Official.
  16. Each registered fish will have its tail punched to identify it as registered. Each fish is to be registered only once for the weekend contest. 
  17. Contending registered fish will be posted on the fish board at the McKay Bay Lodge.
  18. Derby Officials will use a digital scale to weigh eligible fish. 
  19. All anglers must comply with the rules and regulations set forth by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. A complete copy of the regulations is available for reference at the lodge.
  20.  If a guide is used, they may not touch a rod at any time while a fish is on, including setting the hook.
  21.  Passing a rod with a fish on the line from one boat to another is not Permitted. 
  22. Derby Officials may be patrolling the fishing areas at all times during the Derby hours. 
  23.  Any boat is subject to an inspection of fish, tackle, etc. at any time by a Derby Official. All fish must be registered the day they are caught. No day old fish will be weighed at the weigh in station. 
  24.  Any fish brought in for registration is subject to an examination (including innards) by a Derby Official. 
  25.  An angler may use any legal bait or lure of his or her choice. 
  26. The Derby Committee will determine if a violation of the rules has occurred on a case-by-case evaluation and the committee will determine appropriate consequences that could include disqualification from the Derby.  
  27. Any protests must be made in writing and signed by the protesting party. They must be presented to the Derby Committee no later than 9:00pm on the day of the alleged violation. 
  28.  All decisions by the Derby Committee are final. 
  29.  Anyone disqualified from the Derby will forfeit any prize monies they may earn on days prior to the violation leading to the disqualification. Disqualification is solely up to the discretion of the Derby Committee.  
  30.  Any forfeited prize money will be split evenly between the Derby’s recipient charities. 
  31.  Prize money based on 100% of tickets sold (50 Tickets). If not sold out, prize money will be adjusted accordingly to guest numbers. Grand prize kept constant and remaining prize money proportionate to total entries and not proportionate to any individual lodge.
  32. A portion of ticket proceeds will be donated to local Salmon Enhancement Societies in Port Alberni.

2018 Event Sponsors

McKay Bay Lodge and The ALL-IN Fishing Derby are appreciative of the charitable contributions made by the following sponsors. If you would like your business to be a sponsor for the event, please contact Brian McKay at the number below.